Message from  Mr. Diljit Singh, IASL President


Dear IASL Members,


The main objective of IASL is to advocate the development of school libraries in all countries. We do it in various ways, one of them being the Awards Program.


Every year IASL makes available a number of awards that assist participation in IASL conferences, recognize excellence in school librarianship, and encourage research and development activities. All these have been made possible by generosity of members in the past and continue to be supported by current members like you. Some of the funds for the awards also come from the fund raising activities that are held during the annual conference. Thank you to all who have contributed.   Two other awards – for children’s literature and for research - are in the pipeline and will be announced at the Bali conference.


Applications for the 2013 awards are now open. An announcement was made on IASL-Link a few days ago and in the IASL Newsletter. The information, including guidelines for application, is also available on the IASL web site at  Please disseminate the information widely and encourage those who are eligible to apply. The closing date for applications is 1 April 2013.


Award winners play an active role in the development of school libraries, and in the association itself. At least two past award winners are currently serving as Directors of IASL, and others have gone on to leadership positions in their own countries or regions. A recent award winner is also actively involved in the organization of this year’s conference.


IASL also makes available an award that enables membership of IASL for those living in developing countries and who cannot afford to pay the membership fees.  Known as the Support-a-Member program, this gift program is designed to make it possible for school librarians to become members of IASL. The program is supported entirely through the generosity of IASL members.  Details are available at  Please encourage those who are eligible to apply.  At the same time, please donate generously to this program so that those who cannot afford to pay for the membership themselves can benefit from IASL’s resources and services.


With the IASL Annual Conference being just about 5½ months away, I hope you are planning to join us for the premier international school library event of the year in beautiful Bali, Indonesia on 26 – 30 August 2013.  Join us too at the IFLA Congress on 17 – 22 August in Singapore, and the Joint IFLA-IASL Workshop on Advocacy for School Libraries on 24 August in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.   I look forward to welcoming you to this part of a world for 2 weeks of professional development, networking, experiencing cultural diversity, and enjoying the scenic beauty of the region.


Best wishes,

Diljit Singh


International Association of School Librarianship